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Stay proactive about health

Protect your child for life

Address urgent needs

Well-visits allow us to keep track of your child's growth, development, and health throughout the years so he can stay healthy and strong for school, sports, and life.

Vaccines are critical elements in protecting your child's health. Guard your child against potentially life-threatening diseases with routine vaccinations throughout childhood.

If your child is suffering from an injury or coping with an illness, don't wait for an appointment to get him the attention he needs to start feeling relief. Care for minor emergencies is available.

Get gentle, nurturing care for your child

Entrust the health and well-being of your child to our caring, compassionate team

Get in touch with us

Pay your way

Trust our care

Walk-ins welcome

Insurance, Medicaid, CHIP, and self-pay patients are always welcome in our clinic. Call for more information.

We specialize in the care of children, including sports and school physicals to prepare your child for his next adventure.

There is no need to make an appointment when your child needs care. Walk-ins are welcome.

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Welcome to Clinica Del Norte Pediatrics, PLLC. Our pediatric doctors specialize in the care of children. Our pediatric care center provides school physicals, child vaccination & immunization, and urgent pediatric care for children in San Antonio, Texas and neighboring communities.

Proactive Pediatric Care for Your Child

Wellness visits offer the opportunity to track the growth and development of your child, as he or she grows. Regular check-ups are designed to help encourage health for life. When your child needs a physical for sports or attendance at school, we offer quality child nurturing care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Guard Against Disease and Preserve Health

Child vaccination & immunization requirements have been put in place to protect your child’s health and reduce the risk of contracting a potentially life threatening disease. If your child is not up to date on immunizations, visit our clinic for convenient care when you need it. We have appointments available on Saturday to accommodate your busy schedule.


Urgent Pediatric Care 

When your child is sick or has sustained an injury, it is not always possible to wait for an appointment. You want your child to have care right away, so they can get on the path to healing. We offer care for minor emergencies to help your child start feeling better as soon as possible.

Walk-ins are welcome at our children health clinic in San Antonio, Texas. You don’t need to schedule an appointment when your child needs care from a pediatrician. Visit our clinic for everything from routine physicals to emergency child pediatrics. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our office by telephone at 210-572-1430.